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German EMAS Advisory Board - Umweltgutachterausschuss (UGA)

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Mario Lodigiani

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English Summary

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German EMAS Advisory Board (Umweltgutachterausschuss, UGA)

The German EMAS Advisory Board is a legal committee established under § 21 Environmental Audit Act (Umweltauditgesetz - UAG) at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB). It ensures quality of the EMAS accreditation and supervision system in Germany. The committee consists of 25 members representing all interested parties. The separate German licensing body for environmental verifiers (DAU) is reporting biannually to the UGA.

The UGA is an independent administrative body. It is under legal control of the BMUB. The UGA office is located in Berlin.

Members (25)

  • industry/enterprises (6)
  • environmental verifiers (4)
  • federal/state administration departments for the environment (6) / of economics (3)
  • trade unions (3)
  • environmental associations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) (3)

Please find the list of UGA-members in German here.


Scope of Duties and Responsibilities

  • enacting official guidelines for interpretation and implementation of accreditation and supervision of environmental verifiers
  • keeping the list for verifier's examination board
  • recommendation for the appointment of experts to be appointed through the complaints authority
  • advising the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety in all issues concerning EMAS and accreditation and supervision
  • promotion of EMAS in Germany

Please find a list of UGA's tasks in German here.


EMAS-System of Accreditation, Supervision and Registration

The diagram shows the system of accreditation, supervision and registration of EMAS in Germany.

Guidelines and Statements translated into English

  • Guideline of the German EMAS Advisory Board pursuant to the Environmental Audit Act (UAG) for Revisal of Individual Environmental Verifiers, Verification Organisations and Holders of Certificates of Specialised Knowledge within the Framework of Supervision (UAG Supervision Guideline – UAG-AufsR) of 10.05.2012

  • Guideline of the German EMAS Advisory Board (Umweltgutachterausschuss – UGA) pursuant to the Environmental Audit Act (UAG) on the requirements for the inclusion of applicants to the list of examiners (UAG Guideline on Examiners – UAG-PrüfR) of 10.05.2012

  • Guideline for Oral Examinations to Ascertain the Competence of Environmental Verifiers and of Holders of Certificates of Specialised Knowledge (UAG Competence Guideline - UAG-FkR) of 22 June 2004 

  • Statement by the Environmental Verification Committee (UGA) on the evaluation of legal compliance by EMAS participants with regard to legal provisions for supervisions (Resolution from 31st plenary meeting held on 3rd February 2004) 

  • Announcement of the Environmental Audit Act, 4 September 2002 

  • Ordinance of 24 June 2002, Enacting and Amending Ordinances under Immission Control and Waste Law 


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